Uncommon Natural Perks Abound in Seattle


For those who revel in the marvels of the outdoors, the symphony of nature’s sights and sounds, or simply delight in escaping the confines of a building, Seattle, Washington beckons with a cornucopia of offerings for the discerning visitor. When charting your course in this verdant city, you shall discover a plethora of enticements, making it challenging to narrow your focus by interests alone.

At this juncture, I segregate activities into distinct categories: the pursuits I ardently desire, the intriguing ones, and those that merely while away the time. Then, I subject these activities to a reality check, weighing their cost against their appeal. I endeavor to rationalize expenses for the more coveted experiences by blending in equally enjoyable free alternatives. This approach works remarkably well, especially when granting children the power to choose between two cost-free activities. In doing so, they retain a sense of agency, feeling pivotal in the decision-making process, and you avoid shelling out $50 an hour for their escapades on a fancy trampoline.

Behold, a compilation of the extraordinary free activities that await you in the splendid outdoors of Seattle, Washington. These offerings are not only entertaining but also imbued with an educational essence, enriching both your understanding and that of your young companions beyond the spectrum of ice cream flavors.

Firstly, I commend the Volunteer Park Conservatory. A sanctuary of delight for the flora enthusiasts, this conservatory comprises five distinctive houses, each fostering a conducive environment for cultivating specific plants. Among them, the Bromeliad House houses members of the pineapple family; the Palm House boasts around 1200 species; the Fern House presents an array of tropical ferns and exotic plants; the Seasonal Display House morphs with the changing seasons, hosting common and familiar house plants; and the Cactus House, quite self-explanatory. A treasure trove for flower lovers, the conservatory welcomes visitors without charge, providing a delightful pastime.

Next on our roster is the Washington Arboretum Park, a sprawling 200-acre arboretum designed by the same architects responsible for Central Park’s renowned layout in New York. Hosting a remarkable collection of 40,000 trees, shrubs, and vines, this park grants visitors the option to join guided tours or meander at their leisure, savoring the beauty of its landscape. Apart from preserving diverse plant species, the park aims to impart knowledge to the inquisitive public.

Then, venture into the Woodland Park Rose Garden, nestled close to the zoo, and accessible to all without fees. A minor $4 parking charge applies during zoo hours, yet parking becomes free after hours. The mild Seattle climate fosters the flourishing growth of roses, making this garden a captivating sight, attracting over 200,000 visitors annually.

Lastly, immerse yourself in Discovery Park, where nature’s grandeur unfolds before your eyes, inviting contemplation of Seattle’s magnificent surroundings. Spanning a vast 534 acres, this park stands as the city’s largest, serving as a refuge for wildlife and a haven for those eager to delve into nature’s mysteries. Equipped with a play area for children, picnic facilities, and meandering trails, this park embraces exploration and offers a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Nature, a marvel to behold, has bestowed upon Seattle some of the Earth’s most splendid landscapes. While vacationing in this splendid city, seize the opportunity to bask in the beauty of its plants, animals, and scenery. May you savor the delights of these remarkable destinations!

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