The Via Ferrata Colodri: vertigo fits all

The Via Ferrata Colodri: vertigo fits all

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The via ferrata Colodri Arco is without doubt one of the ideal locations for those who want to get in contact with this type of activity for the first time. Suitable for children, it allows you to reach the top of Mount Colodri, in m. 400 high, enjoying a beautiful view of the mountains of Trentino and the Garda. To make the via ferrata we trusted the help of expert guides Mountime,, we have provided all the necessary materials, harness and helmets, to better face the via ferrata.

We park near the climbing stadium of Arco and we follow the path that goes into the olive grove for about ten minutes, up to the beginning of the via ferrata Colodri. Here our guides make us a brief explanation of how we must deal with the equipped route, help us to fix the harness, carabiners and helmets and we are ready to go!

Immediately start the cable is taut and in perfect condition, the first steps are not difficult.


We climb a slope to the right using the cable as handrail and then slowly take share with a sudden zigzag, where at the end you can relax for a moment in a flat area. From here the view stretches across the valley of Sarca!


Always accompanied by our guides, we continue to the left diagonally up to the first plate where there are no natural handholds, but were included irons where to put their feet to ease the rise.

At this point we are almost half of the hike, despite being February, the heat and fatigue are felt, I do not know how it could be the climb during the summer months.


It remains to deal with the last part of the ferrata Colodri, perhaps the most difficult and very steep, where there are metal brackets and pegs, but that can be overcome without major difficulty. With a scale we overcome the last few steps and we arrive, after about an hour and 200 m in altitude, at the end of the via ferrata, from where you have a phenomenal view of Lake Garda and the Sarca Valley. When you say the effort is rewarded!

Walk in a few minutes we reach the Cross of Mount Colodri, and finally a bit ‘of time for a well deserved rest.


The return him carry on path no 431 which descends, a bit ‘steep, the other side of the mountain, through olive groves and breathtaking views of Arco and Mount Brione. We finish the descent in the center of Arco and, uniting ourselves to the bike path that goes up the river, back to the parking lot of the climbing stadium.

It ends up the via ferrata Colodri, a great way to get in touch with the world of climbing routes and a wish to be the first of many.

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