San Diego’s Wild Animal Park

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Apart from the renowned San Diego Zoo, the sprawling San Diego Wild Animal Park stands out as an exceptional place to marvel at an astonishing array of wildlife. Spanning an impressive 1,800 acres, this sanctuary provides ample space for the animals to roam freely and engage in natural play. Observing their behavior, one almost feels transported to the untamed terrains of Africa and Asia, where these majestic creatures truly belong.

Throughout the animal park’s three-decade-long history, the emblematic Noah’s Ark symbol of endangered species has expanded to encompass dozens upon dozens of unique animals. Remarkably, every surviving Arabian Oryx found in the wild can trace its lineage back to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Navigating the park presents numerous paths that lead visitors to explore the captivating smaller animal exhibits. While these smaller animals are a delight to behold, the most awe-inspiring experience awaits on the hour-long journey aboard the Bush Line Railway. Along this railway, exclusive encounters await with rare creatures such as the imposing white rhino and the majestic rhinoceros.

For those planning a summer visit, an early start is highly advisable. On an average summer day, the park receives ten to fifteen thousand visitors. In contrast, during the winter season, the numbers dwindle, with only around 2,000 visitors. Despite the colder temperatures, winter offers a quieter environment, providing ample opportunities to observe the animals undisturbed.

Situated 32 miles north of Escondido, the San Diego Wild Animal Park enjoys a serene location that benefits its resident animals greatly. The peaceful surroundings contribute to a sense of tranquility, ensuring the animals thrive in their natural habitats.

During a summer visit, it’s a delightful idea to alternate between leisurely walks and scenic railway rides. This combination provides a comprehensive and rewarding experience. Additionally, remember to bring along plenty of sunscreen, as the California summer sun can be scorching. Hydration is key as well, given the hot weather conditions.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is overseen by the esteemed San Diego Zoological Society, which also manages the world-famous San Diego Zoo. With both attractions under its care, the society takes immense pride in offering unparalleled opportunities to witness and understand the diverse world of animals.

Whether you’re a frequent visitor to San Diego or embarking on your first journey there, the Wild Animal Park is a must-visit destination. Here, you can encounter truly endangered species and gain profound insights into the remarkable creatures that inhabit this once-in-a-lifetime sanctuary.

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