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Travelling is one of the biggest passion that takes you to the other side of the world. You can see so many beauties, different cultures, and meet new people. But travelling also requires money like (Almost) every other things in the face of reality of the world. But money should not be the only problem while chasing this passion. You can find cheap travel opportunities to travel for cheap, and make your dreams come true.

Finding a cheap accommodation is the first step of a cheap travel. Hotels are generally good option, but they are expensive most of the time. Many people say that I will only sleep at the hotel so it is useless to pay a lot of money just for a room. It is clear that hotels are clean, luxurious, nice, and it is also a sad truth that hotel rooms are expensive. But there are other options that will provide you a cheap accommodation.

Cheap Hostels

Hostels are like the best friend of a traveler. Travelers, who can’t afford hotels and other expensive options, can find their solution with hostels. In hostels, you mostly share your room and bathroom with other people who are generally travelers like you. 6-10 bunk beds in one room, without luxury, and only limited space for moving provide price advantage for travelers with limited budget.

Cheap Hostels also provide socialization. The atmosphere with a lot travelers will enable you to interact with others, and also shared kitchen may offer you different tastes of different cultures. But if you still want a private room in a hostel, most of the hostels also offer private room options, but the price is not as cheap as shared rooms.

There are some important tips, when you stay at a hostel. You should always choose hostels providing lockers. When you are on travel, you also carry some valuable stuff with you, so you don’t want to lose them. For this reason, caution is always good, so do not forget to hire a locker or safebox. Then, earplugs and eye-mask will provide you a dark and silent athmosphere in a crowded room. is a good website to find a cheap hostel.

Cheap Hostels

Couchsurfing and Airbnb

Couchsurfing and Airbnb are another two best friends of a traveler. Couchsurfing offer you a free accommodation. You can stay with locals instead of at hotels or hostels. There are a lot of advantages of staying with locals. First of all, you stay for free, and there will someone who can give you some clues about the city, tourist attractions, and also some good places for locals. These tips will definetely enliven your trip, and make it easier to find places. In some cases, if your host is available, they also join you, but do not force them to do this. For these reasons, Couchsurfing is the best option among all accommodation options including luxury hotels. 

For couchsurfing, it is recommended to bring some presents such as magnets, wine etc., and when you finish your trip, you should also host other travelers so that this travelers web will provide many people to find a free and cosy accommodation.

Airbnb is another option for travelers. Airbnb also provides flats or rooms for travelers. People who want to share their room or flat, create an account and post their notice on the website. But airbnb does not offer free accommodation. Prices are lower than hostel if you are 2 or 3 people together, airbnb sounds like a cheap travel tip for you.


If you are a traveler who loves to stay in nature, camping must be your first option. There are many camping areas all around the world. Some of them offer you a camping option with pool, breakfast and so on, and some of them only place to set up your tent. It is up to you to choose. If you want to save more money, you can choose the simple option. 

Besides all those, you should also look for all the options including hotels. When you book your a lot earlier, the prices may be as cheap as a shared hostel room. Expedia, hotwire,, Priceline are some helpful websites to check hotel and hostels rooms. 

When you check all of the options above, you can see the prices and compare them, then it is your decision to choose the cheapest travel option.


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