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Traveling is one of the most enthusiastic activities on the world. Nobody can deny that. There is also a hidden desire in 90 percent of humankind to travel all around the world as free as a bird. People always seek for something new, something that has been never experienced before, something that worth spending most of your time on the roads. Because, any people would not like to be glad to be stuck in a limited area for the rest of their life. Think about white-collars. They spend nearly 11 out of 12 months between four walls to have holiday for a few days. They hit the road, goes somewhere else away from the cities where there are only concrete jungle, and find themselves somewhere away from the complication of the city life where everything is natural. This theme is also processed in some novels, such as Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.


But this having a holiday, hitting yourself on the roads for a travel is not something which is intrinsic to only rich people. Whosoever, anyone from a homeless to broke, from a student to penniless has that right. Maybe you are in financial difficulties or you do not make much money from your job, does that mean you have no right to travel? You are totally wrong with this sick idea. Keep in mind that world is ours, roads are ours, and there is no hindrance for you to enjoy them. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list which leads you have a cheap travel. If you really dedicate yourself to it, you can also cost some of your needs for free. It is all up to you.                


The first step is transportation. Maybe the one which will cost you more. There are many ways to reach your destination. Highway, seaway, railway and airway are the options. But when it comes to cheap travel, people generally prefer hitchhiking. It is also a good way to meet new people on the road and make friendship with them. But what if you are not so brave to travel with a stranger? Then it’d better buy a ticket. And the first choice is definitely airway thanks to its speed and safety. Here are a few tips in another topic of us to buy a cheap airplane ticket. Those advices will help you while buying your ticket. (Ticket link)


In the second place, accommodation takes place. It is something which many people have difficulties, but it is not as harder as you suppose. Thanks to developing internet age and helpful people, there are many ways to solve this problem. The question of “Where the hell I’m going to sleep?” will be a thing of the past. Some of those advices which you can see in the topic we have shared may make you feel like you are at your home. Here is the good news, you can also cost your accommodation for free if you are lucky enough to find a suitable place. We hope you all pay no money for the place where you spend the night. (Accommodation link)


And the last, also vital one is dining. We call it vital because you cannot stay alive without it. For this reason, you have to pay attention to this much more than others. Visiting another city is not necessarily, but passing one day without food is highly risky for your health. Remember that health comes first, then others. But do not worry, there are also tons of ways to cater to it in the cheapest way. You ask how, and here are the answers for you to eat your fill. (Eating link)         

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